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Recently the Grade 6 Environment leaders investigated and tallied what bins each class had. The majority had waste and recycling bins, some also had compost bins.

Environment leaders spray-painted ‘protect our water ways’ on storm drains. The stencils had an animal like a fish

By Noah 6R


Compost Lasagne


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The grade 3 and 4 students have been making COMPOST LASAGNE in their garden classes.


The Recipe
1/4 food scraps
1/4 green material
1/2 brown material


Make layers of the different ingredients in the baking dish (wheelbarrow).


Getting the right mix of ingredients



Making the layers


Compost Lasagne Yum!


Put the lasagne in the oven (the working compost bay).SAM_4413











Take the temperature.


Our compost is so hot, it is steaming!!


65 degrees Celsius!!


After a few batches of compost lasagne were added to the compost bin the temperature went over 60 degrees Celsius!!! The hotter the better. This means that there are lots of microbes in there working away at decomposing the organic material and turning it into great fertilizer for the garden. It also means we are not sending all that waste to landfill.


Elwood Primary Students Teaching The Community


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Check out this video made by grade 4 students. The Port Phillip Council liked it so much they’ve added it to their website! It’s great to see Elwood students sharing their environmental knowledge and ideas with the community.

Click the link below to be taken to the video.


Nude Food at Elwood


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We are very excited to announce that we are now having Nude Food Mondays!

Nude Food Monday is all about encouraging students and teachers to bring waste free snacks and lunches to school. This is to promote positive waste management and to discourage disposable packaging. We create a lot of waste when things such as cling wrap and plastic bags only get used once and are then thrown away.

Lunch boxes and other containers that can be used many times help to reduce the amount of rubbish we put in our school bins every day.

Our first Nude Food Day will be on a Wednesday the 17th of October because this is National Nude Food Day, but after that it will be a weekly event and be on Mondays.

We are taking part in National Nude Food Day because it is an easy way to promote our health, through healthy eating, and the health of our planet.

Each student who brings a nude food snack and lunch on Wednesday the 17th of October will have their name entered into the draw for this lunch box:

Teachers will write students’ names on recycled paper and our Environmental Leaders will collect them and announce the winner’s name on Wednesday the 17th of October.

So take up the challenge, bring a healthy morning tea and lunch, get rid of those extra wrappers, and help to look after yourself and the planet.



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Elwood Primary is taking part in “Walktober”.  We are promoting walking to school because it makes both us and our planet more healthy.



Every class has a poster like this to record how many days each child walked or rode to school.  At the end of the month we will collate all of the data to see how we went.  Each week, competitions are being held that individual children can enter with great prizes to be won.  Click here to check out the latest competition.

Reducing Waste in 4K and 4N


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We used to have two big bins like this, one in each of our classrooms.

Everyday, the rubbish went to landfill in two big black plastic bags.  The school pays to have it taken away.



We RECYCLE everything we can.  This includes paper, plastic containers, juice boxes and foil.





We have a WORM FARM.  The worms eat food scraps and when there is too much for the worms, we put the scraps in the garden COMPOST.  Our food scraps will make rich humus (rich soil) for our kitchen garden.




We try to bring NUDE FOOD and we take home our lunch wrappings.  Now we have ONE SMALL BIN for landfill shared between the two classes.  We are weighing how much waste we send to landfill everyday.


4K and 4N are saving the planet by reducing landfill and saving money for our school by reducing the amount of rubbish.

Water Signs


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Signs are a great way to remind people of ways they can be environmentally friendly. With that in mind 3M made signs for all our drinking taps to remind everyone to be water wise. Check out their fabulous signs below:

3M’s posters inspired some students in 1R to make their own posters during Investigations. They put their posters in the JLC kitchens:




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Hello and welcome to Elwood Primary’s Environment and Sustainability Blog! Here you’ll find updates relating to (you guessed it) environment and sustainability activities at our school, as well as tips and advice from our students on ways you can enjoy and improve the environment. We’d love this blog to be a place for our school community to share ideas and information relating to the environment and sustainability so please feel free to leave us comments (please note that all comments will be moderated and approved before appearing on the blog).

So be sure to check back regularly to get your Elwood Primary green fix!


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